The Best Alternative Septic Systems

Installing a new septic system on your property? You have options. New septic technology makes it easy (and affordable) to install a septic system that will last for years, meet all the environmental regulations in your area, and keep your property safe and clean.

Here are 3 great alternatives to conventional septic systems for you to consider. If you’re a California homeowner, be sure to consult the Santa Maria septic systems pros about the best system for your property.

Aerobic Septic System

An aerobic septic system breaks down waste faster, so that you don’t have to worry about leaks or toxic wastewater in your leach field.

The system works by pumping air into the septic tank. This encourages the breakdown of solid wastes, at the bottom of the tank. By the time wastewater reaches the top of the tank, it is cleaner and lighter than in a traditional septic system. That means that less harmful bacteria are being distributed into the leach field.

Why consider an aerobic system? Well, they are slightly more expensive than conventional systems, and require electricity to run. But they are also generally cleaner, faster, and more secure than conventional systems. If you have the budget to invest in a high-quality septic system on your new property, an aerobic system might be the perfect choice.

Sand Mound Septic System

If the ground on your property didn’t pass the percolation test (the test that certifies ground for a proper leach field), you might want to consider a sand mound septic system as an alternative.

A sand mound system essentially adds a layer of sand and gravel on top of your leach field, so that wastewater can be properly filtered. This is the best way to reduce the risk of contaminating the ground or waterways on your property. Wastewater will be distributed onto a mound of sand, where it will then percolate over time and properly filter.

Electricity is required to pump the wastewater to the mound, but in most cases, a sand mound septic system is a safe and affordable option for any property.

Private Water Treatment Plant

If you live in a close neighborhood, and don’t have the space to install a conventional septic system on your property, the best choice for you might be to invest in a private water treatment plant.

In this system, waste is pumped from your home to the plant, where it is then filtered and distributed to a leach field. Private water treatment plants do use electricity to pump wastewater from your home, but maintenance and repairs of the system itself are all out of the homeowner’s hands — it’s a super easy option, especially for a first-time homeowner.

Have more questions about your options when it comes to safe, affordable septic systems? Talk to a Santa Maria septic design expert.