Tackle These Four Yard Chores Early

Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Is it time to break out the worn-out shoes, reserved only for the dirt and mud? Spring is an ideal season to get some fresh air and spruce up the house, including the outside. Nature, after all, untamed doesn’t always look its best. While the sun is out and it’s not scorching hot, it’s the opportunity to get busy with the outdoor chores.

Change the Mulch

Is adding mulch really necessary? It’s a pain and time-consuming, but it does offer several benefits. It certainly enhances the look of the yard, pulling it together with nice coloring. It’s a finishing touch the neighbors and potential buyers can notice. It also helps avoid pesky weeds from popping up in the garden beds. Because it’s so difficult to get done, you may consider asking for help from a business that specializes in the layout. Places such as mowing services lake stevens wa will do it for you, saving you a backache.

Fertilize the Grass

Start thinking about feeding your greenery before the warmer months take over. Green grass is always a beautiful sight, but it needs aid. The right chemicals make a big difference. Begin researching what works best for your type of grass, and start treatments during the spring. You’ll want to make an application and then keep an eye on any changes. Don’t overdo it. That can kill the grass.

Keep Mowing

During the winter, your yard went dormant, giving you a break from regular chores. It’s time, though, to get that lawnmower back out. You won’t have a need for it every weekend, but every couple of weeks work at trimming it up. This may make it healthier and start to give you that consistent cut of a well-cared-for lawn.

Look at this time as a chance to enhance. Get out there, soak in some vitamin D and beautify your greenery.