5 Steps for Building Fire Safety

All commercial building owners would agree that preventing fires is a high priority. Unfortunately, fires do occur. This creates a need for a thought-out fire safety program that includes a plan to address sprinkler backflow repairs Ocoee FL. Five basic steps should also be included.

1. Fire Extinguisher and Sprinkler System Installation and Maintenance

The need for not only installing but also maintaining the sprinkler system has already been mentioned. It is equally important to install fire extinguishers in designated areas throughout the building. Some local fire codes provide specific direction on where these should be installed.

2. Fire Safety Education

Informing employees of where the fire extinguishers are located should be a part of the fire safety education program. The plan should also include where the closest fire exits are and a fire evacuation plan.

3. Installation and Monitoring of Smoke Detectors

Fire alarms and smoke detectors should also be purchased and installed in various locations throughout the facility. Again, there may be designated places required by the fire code. Some building owners or managers choose to have their fire detection systems linked to a security system for faster notification to the fire department.

4. Fire Department Communication

Many local fire companies conduct yearly inspections of smoke detection and sprinkler systems. The communication with the department, however, doesn’t need to end there. Including it as part of your fire education program is a good idea, as well. A fire company may respond faster in the event of a fire if they have a personal relationship with the building manager.

5. Electrical System and Appliance Maintenance

Maintaining the electrical system is a way to prevent fires in the first place. Replacing appliances that are old is also a good idea, in order to minimize a fire from starting from one of these devices.

Following these five steps will go a long way in keeping people safe and reducing costs associated with fire damage.