3 Tips To Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Does your curb appeal need work? If the aesthetic of your front yard and entryway doesn’t match your style, it can be hard to feel at home in your own house. Luckily, there are several steps you can take to spruce up the front of your home.

1. Switch to Artificial Grass

Nothing makes the neighbors green with envy like a well-manicured lawn, but fighting to keep your grass healthy despite cold, drought and pests can be a struggle. If environmental conditions are working against you or if you’re tired of wasting time weeding, raking and fertilizing, consider installing artificial grass Thousand Oaks. Artificial grass maintains its appeal regardless of the weather or season and is easy to care for. Some artificial grass is even pet-friendly.

2. Install Lighting

Lighting simultaneously boosts safety and curb appeal, and with a range of lighting solutions to choose from, it’s easy to find options that fit your needs. Path lighting is a popular choice because it shows off your walkways while making them easier to navigate. If your yard has striking features, such as large rocks or trees, consider highlighting them with landscape lighting to add drama and depth. Don’t forget to perfect your entryway lighting. Framing the front door with sconces or lanterns is a great way to make your home feel inviting.

3. Repair and Repaint

One of the easiest ways to level up your front exterior is to update and repaint structural elements like fencing, doors, walls, patio furniture, mailboxes and sheds. Any worn or scuffed paintwork can make your home appear dingy regardless of what you do with the rest of the exterior. Even mild instances of disrepair instantly damage the appeal of your home. The good news is restoring and repainting projects are easy to tackle by yourself.

Before diving into your projects, make sure they’ll work in harmony to show off your home. Once you have a cohesive plan, don’t be afraid to add finishing touches by upgrading your mailbox, adding potted plants or pressure cleaning your driveway or patio.