Why You Need Weekly Maintenance for Your Pool

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is a great luxury that provides fun, relaxation, and bonding. If you don’t care for it, however, your pool can become an eyesore, a money pit, or worse! Many potential pool owners are concerned with the effort associated with upkeep, so they do one of two things. The smart one is to hire a commercial pool service Sarasota fl to perform weekly maintenance. The potentially disastrous thing to do is to ignore it. Here are the main reasons you need to make sure your pool is cared for.

Chemical Issues Can Be Unhealthy

Even with filtration and covers, pool water is exposed to the elements. It is kept clean and clear through a mixture of chemicals. Commercial pool service Sarasota fl professionals can easily perform quick chemical tests to see what needs to be added or diluted to keep your pool balanced.

If this is not done, you are running several health risks. If pool chemicals are off, you may irritate swimmers’ eyes or skin. Worse, if they cause the water to become cloudy and dirty (especially after rainfall), swimmers can get ill if they swallow the water by accident.

Discover Needs for Repairs

Like any other structure, a pool needs a firm foundation, and wear and tear can cause damage. Linings can develop tiny tears, which can lead to leaks. Pools can pull away from decks over time. The ground around the pool ay start to crack, or, in the case of in-ground pools, the concrete at the bottom may crack as well. Most of these issues, if discovered early by commercial pool service Sarasota fl can be easily fixed. But, if they aren’t discovered and are left alone, they can be brutally expensive to repair.

Keep it Pretty!

Lastly, you want your pool to look pretty, don’t you? After cleaning and balancing chemicals, it will shine beautifully in the sun.

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