What You Need To Build a Gas Station

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Starting your own business can seem intimidating, especially when you are looking to start a fueling station for vehicles. This process can be broken into three main steps designed to get you up and running as soon as possible; namely, having a business plan, finding a location and buying equipment.

Business Plan

Your business plan should include all aspects of your business from where you hope to get funding to how many employees you anticipate needing and even how you want to grow your business in the future. One thing that can help you start your fuel station business plan is to price the services of gas station builders. These companies are designed to help you build your station from scratch as well as help with all the maintenance and paperwork over the years. Some builders can help you put car washes and other perks on your property as well.


You will want your gas station in a prime location where there is high traffic and little competition with big-name brands. Conversely, you can buy a franchise from one of the big-name brands and use that name recognition to build your customer base more quickly. It is a good idea to look for locations with easy entry and exit points and which are zoned for your type of company.


Most of the equipment you need will be included in the price of the property or in the plans of the builders. You will, however, need to decide if a franchise is right for you as well as find suppliers for fuel and other products you will sell at your station.

Building your own gas station can be intimidating at first, but the more you research and the better builders you find, the easier it will be. You can find a lot of resources through your builder including information on where stations can be built and what perks you can offer your customers.

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