What Does the Claims Process Entail?

At some point, everyone is going to face the prospect of property damage. If this happens to a car or a house, the next step is to give a call to the insurance company to file a claim. When someone files a claim, he or she is asking for the insurance company to honor the policy and help with the cost of repairs or property replacement. When someone files a claim, it is going to head to claims management. There are a few important points that everyone should know about this process.

The Job of the Claims Department

The claims department is going to handle requests that are filed by clients of an insurance company. First, any claim that has been filed is going to be registered by the claims department. This office is going to collect claims filed by email, phone, and online, ensuring that nothing is missed. Then, this department is going to request documents that are pertinent to the incident. This might include accident reports, documentation from the authorities, medical records, and invoices. After this, the team is going to review the incident from top to bottom, making sure that they agree with the assignment of blame.

Most Claims Are Honored

People who file claims expect them to be honored. Most policyholders are aware of what is covered in their insurance policies and what isn’t. In some cases, the insurance company may send someone called an adjuster to take a look at the cost of repairs. The adjuster may negotiate with whoever is contracted to handle the repairs to make sure that the costs are kept to a minimum; however, the policyholder should be reimbursed for any expenses that are incurred. This might include rental car coverage (if someone has been involved in an auto accident) or living expenses (if someone has lost his or her home).

Some Claims Are Denied

On the other hand, not all claims are paid out. Sometimes, claims are denied by the insurance company. In this case, the insurance company is making the claim that the incident is not covered by the policy. This can be frustrating for people who expect to receive financial assistance in the event of a disaster. In this case, there is an appeals process through which someone can ask to have his or her claim reviewed again. It might also be helpful to work with a trained professional.