Top Concerns When Choosing New Metal Parts

When you need to purchase new metal parts for your company, it’s tempting to purchase the first option you see to save time. However, this method of shopping is expensive in the long run. Before you settle on a brand, decide if your options meet the following criteria.

Correct Metal

What metal your part is made out of matters almost as much as its shape. Certain metals are more expensive than others, and some metals react differently to chemicals. For example, if you will be working with a strong substance such as hydrochloric or nitric acids, you must avoid metals such as zinc that are susceptible to breaking down.

Correct Finish

The parts that you purchase need to have the correct finish on them for the job they will perform. Many metals need to be treated in an anodizing tank before materials such as glue and other adhesives work on them. Others must be annealed, or gradually cooled after a heating process, to make them more flexible and less likely to break. This step is often performed on steel. Find out with which chemicals your parts will interact and whether they will be exposed to rain, snow and ice before deciding which treatments they need.

Correct Size

It may seem obvious that your parts must be the correct size. However, if you are buying a replacement part from a different manufacturer, it is essential that you know all the dimensions of the item that you need. Keep in mind that different manufacturers often use different sizing scales, so bring the exact measurements in centimeters and inches.

Don’t let a routine supply trip turn into a logistical mess. Before you purchase parts, find out what metal you need, how the metal should be finished, and what size the item should be. Once you have this checklist ready, your trip will be quick and not stressful.