Things You Should Know About Custom Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication involves cutting, forming and welding metal into a product. For example, if you have invented a metal product and you need a sample, you may contact a custom metal fabricator after searching “custom metal fabrication Manitoba.”


Metal fabrication is not a single job or industry, but it is a process. These technologies are applied to different sectors in the supply chain. For example, one fabricator may create products out of sheet metal that will be used in the production of other products, whereas other fabricators may produce the end product, such as a pipe or beam. Therefore, these fabricators offer different types of services, from welding and laser cutting to tube forming and drilling, among many others.


If you hire a custom product, you will get exactly what you want. You and the fabricator will go over your plans in detail before any metal is touched. If you cannot find the part you need anywhere else, customization is a great option.

Fabricators also have sophisticated machinery that creates any metal project you want. New technologies, such as waterjet cutting, are highly precise and produce a high-quality product. In addition, these fabricators are highly skilled in both by-hand and machinery fabrication.

Custom metal parts are also cost effective because fabricators typically pay less for their materials than you would, and they can order in any quantity or size. They may receive trade discounts that are passed down to you.

Choosing a Fabricator

When you choose a fabricator, consider the experience of the business as well as its employees. Learn about what types of products they have made in the past. Also, find out the size of the businesses’ workforce and their ability to meet your needs in a reasonable timeframe. Ask about their equipment and other resources. Price and location may play a key role in your choice of fabricator, but you want to be sure you will receive quality work.

If you need a customized metal product or part, consider contacting a metal fabricator.