The Upside to Engaging a Multi-Disciplinary Law Firm

If you have ever considered hiring a lawyer, whether you need help with a personal or business matter, you may wonder how you will make a sound decision. With a large selection of attorneys to choose from in varying specialties, it may seem impossible to narrow down the list.

Some firms concentrate their practice in one area of the law, while others seem to have many departments that cover every component you can imagine. Should you go with a firm that is small and specializes in the type of services you need at the time or is a more varied firm better? In terms of repeat business or issues, choosing a firm with many departments may be the best decision in the long run.

More Specialties Does Not Equal Poor Service

There is an idea that to get the best of the best, you should only go with a firm that deals just in the type of legal services you require at the time. The thought behind this is that too many options equal mediocrity in all. This could not be further from the truth at a place like Hardison Wood. The fact is, more specialties equals more opportunities for ideas, input and strategizing on your case. If five attorneys at a firm specializing in family law and three deal in business law, your divorce may run smoother if you own a business. The different subsets come together to give you the best representation on many levels.

Future Engagements Are Easier

You may not believe you will ever need an attorney after your divorce is final. However, many things need addressing following a final dissolution. For example, your estate plan needs rewriting to account for your new status. You are actively searching for a new house, and so loan documents, closing documents, and contracts need negotiating and drafting. Your business needs to register new trademarks and patents. Going with a group of attorneys dealing in multi-faceted legal issues means you don’t have to run around the city in search of each service.

Billing and Rates Are Flexible

When you are established with a firm, and you have been a reliable client, attorneys may be willing to negotiate their rates. They value your business and want you to be as happy as possible with any outcome. Keeping your business may be essential to the firm’s business plan as you are more likely to refer others. You have a little wiggle room with rates and bills this way.

Don’t believe all the negativity about multi-purpose law firms. Attorneys in a mixed-use practice can deal with whatever your case may require.