The Best of the Big Apple

New York City is a must for anyone who has the travel bug and loves to explore diverse destinations. The city offers up unique activities and sights for all ages. With a well-planned visit, you can experience the very finest of this bustling metropolis.

Find Your Groove on Broadway

Down in the heart of Manhatten lies the theatre district, which is home to world-class plays and acting. Searching for the best NYC Broadway shows can be overwhelming due to the vast amount available. If you are looking around for a family-friendly production, The Lion King, Frozen or Alladin are all great choices that can be enjoyed by young or old. For more adult-oriented entertainment, The Book of Mormon or Avenue Q will be sure to impress. Take note of the architectural designs of the theatres themselves. Many of the 40-plus playhouses were created in the early 1900s and boast intricate interior work.

Monuments for the Ages

We’ve all seen the landscape of New York City countless times in movies and on TV, but nothing beats viewing the sights in-person. The Statue of Liberty stands as one of the most enduring symbols of America and should be toward the top of any sightseeing list. Cruise past on a guided boat tour of the harbor or get up close by stopping off on Ellis Island. Once back onshore, take a stroll through Battery Park on the way to the 911 memorial. Security is beefed up in this area, so read up on the rules and guidelines before arriving.

Sample an Array of Culture

The city is often referred to as “The Crossroads of the World.” You can easily encounter a variety of worldly culture by stopping by one of many ethnic sections of the metro area. Peruse the open-air seafood markets in Chinatown for exotic fare or take a stroll through Little Italy to sample authentic cuisines. Another locale favored by tourists is Little India in Queens. Most of these fascinating areas are just a short cab or subway ride away from downtown.