Options for Protecting Your Floors

Home remodels and projects are exciting. Revamping your house to have new features and a more contemporary style requires a lot of preparation. There are many things to consider when remodeling your house. One of the most important things to keep in mind is protecting your floors. There are a variety of products available for protecting your floor during construction. One of the most effective products for protecting floors is flooring paper; there are a variety of flooring papers to choose from that have different features and prices.

Red Rosin Paper

One of the most popular flooring products is red rosin paper. Red rosin paper is a high-quality flooring product that uses a single ply sheathing model. While red rosin paper is primarily used in roofing systems as a protective barrier, this multi-purpose material is a great option to use for protecting your floors during construction.


X-paper is a type of construction paper. This extremely durable yet breathable material allows floors to cure while providing a thick layer of protection. One of the heaviest duty flooring products on the market, x paper is a great option for people looking to work with an easy material while giving their floors extra protection.

Brown Rosin Paper

Brown rosin paper is a great alternative to red rosin paper for people looking for lower dye content. Red rosin paper has a strong color, whereas brown rosin paper has a more subtle hue. Brown rosin paper is a good choice for people looking for a flooring paper with the same quality as red rosin but with a gentler color.

White Top Construction Paper

White top construction paper is a great flooring product for people looking for temporary protection during construction. This flooring paper has a fiber coating that protects the floor from damage during construction. The laminated covering protects floors from paint, equipment, and other construction materials. This is a great choice for people looking to protect their carpets or ceramic tiled floors.

Everyone loves a good home improvement project. Whether you are remodeling a room in your house or doing paint touch up, you might want to consider taking steps to protect your floors. If floors are not protected during construction, they can be exposed to a variety of harmful materials. Taking steps to protect your floors will ensure that they retain their luster and shine after your construction is over. Flooring papers are a great option for protecting your floors.

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