Not So Common Sports

Some sports are more commonly known among people than others are. Whether it be through television or national sporting events, some things get promoted more than others. Many would probably be surprised to discover some of the sports that are out there being played on a professional level. Here are three not so common sports one could play in.


While it may seem odd to consider it a sport, shooting is known as one. The weapons used could be some type of firearm or even the use of bows and arrows depending on the competition. These contests often test the shooter’s time, distance, and precision. Many contestants will have specialized weapons with things like Glock competition sights to help ensure they are prepared for any challenge.


Many enjoy going out for a bike ride during everyday living, but competition biking is another matter entirely. There are several different ways for one to compete whether it be mountain riding, bike trails, or road races. Competing in one of these takes a lot of training and practice as it is a very athletic sport. Making sure you are properly hydrated and balanced is vital if you want to stay on your bike.

Flying Disks

More commonly known as a frisbee, sports that include a flying disk are fun, interesting games to play. Ultimate frisbee and disk golf are two of the most popular you will find. Both of these games add a unique twist on something that is otherwise common and played by all. Ultimate is a team sport, while disk remains for one to play by themselves. No matter which one is being played, a commonly known backyard toy is being used on a professional platform.

Getting involved in sports doesn’t mean you’re limited to only a few things. With such a wide variety of games out there, you can never be too sure about what you may find.