What do you think of when you imagine your dream home? Ideas of what a dream home should include can differ wildly between people. Here are a few life-changing additions you may not have considered yet in your daydreams.

1. All the Smart Things

It’s hard to believe the devices that have smartened up these days. With proper electric wiring and smart home service Philadelphia PA folks can automate their doors, lights, ovens, coffeemakers, and even yoga mats.

2. An Indoor Slide

A dream homeĀ and dream life? Imagine sliding down to breakfast in the morning, or, even better, into your indoor pool. Don’t want to wait for your dream home? A smaller version can be bought online and installed on a staircase!

3. Windows Everywhere

Imagine a home with floor-to-ceiling windows, letting in the light and making the space feel like a palace. Some homes even feature retractable window walls, so in the spring you could open the entire wall to nature and live your best life.

4. A Steam Shower

On a cold winter morning, you could step into a large stone shower that has already been warmed up with sweet-smelling steam. Enjoy the sauna-like atmosphere and top it off with cool water from a rainfall showerhead.

5. A Pizza Oven

Have you seen those enormous brick ovens at pizza restaurants or on Food Network shows? They can heat food evenly at radically high temperatures for the best-tasting pizza on the block.

6. A Secret Room,

Every dream home needs an unassuming bookshelf that mysteriously swivels to reveal a secret passageway. Store your Beanie Babies where the kids can’t find them or use the room to blast ghost sounds and scare the neighbors.

Designing a dream home can be a much-loved pastime that stretches your creativity and gets you jazzed about adult things like going to work and saving for retirement. Dream big, friend!


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