Making Yourself More Marketable to Potential Employers

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A good job is harder and harder to come by these days, so applicants need to work diligently to give themselves an edge when interviewing for a new position. While it’s true that you have to be qualified for the work you’re seeking, there are many other factors that can have a huge impact on whether or not you’ll actually land the job. Employers want to see that you’re driven and capable and will be an asset to their company, which could be all it takes to beat out the competition with more experience. Here are some practical and easily attainable goals to set for yourself before applying for a new job.

Acquire Some Practical Certifications

Licenses and certifications can go a long way in making you more marketable, especially if they’re applicable to the open position. Research how to become a notary if you’re applying for an office or clerical position. Obtain first aid and CPR training for occupations with higher risk for injuries. These types of certifications show your interest in self improvement and a desire to go above and beyond.

Give Your Resume a Facelift

A professional, relevant resume can do wonders to catch a potential employer’s eye. Make modifications based on the job you’re seeking and eliminate unnecessary or unrelated facts and experience. Use a template or resume builder to give it a clean, modern, professional look. If it looks a little bare after editing, get to work building more experience and qualifications by attending a seminar, taking some small courses or obtaining new certifications.

Work on Your People Skills

The ability to communicate efficiently and work well with others can give you a huge advantage during a job interview. Practice speaking publicly and rehearse answers to typical interview questions so you’re well prepared. Watch your posture, body language and facial expression in the mirror or on video for a better delivery. Dress professionally, don’t ignore grooming and wear your hair in a neat and tasteful style.

With a little work and intentionality, you can give yourself the edge you need to land a better job.

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