Make the Most of Your Lawyer

If you are working with a Fairfax criminal lawyer, you most likely have a lot at stake in terms of your personal freedom, future job prospects, and finances. By working well with your lawyer, you help your lawyer prepare the best defense possible. You will also likely save money in terms of billable hours.

Be Honest and Forthcoming

Your lawyer can help you best if you are fully honest about all the circumstances of your case. Even if the details are not favorable to you, tell the lawyer the truth. Attorney-client privilege usually protects information that you share with your lawyer. Your lawyer cannot share this information with the court. The only exceptions are if you try to use a lawyer for advice on committing a crime, or if you have died and the state needs information to settle a will.

Be Organized and Proactive

Most likely, your lawyer is charging by the hour. Therefore, you want your lawyer to be spending time on important tasks, not on making phone calls or digging through a pile of papers. Organize all documents and information that you share with your lawyer. Write down ahead of time the questions that you need to ask before you attend meetings. Limit digressions to unrelated topics when you meet. If you think that your lawyer may need phone numbers or certain pieces of information, go ahead and gather that information and bring it with you. Don’t sit in the meeting searching for an address on your phone.

Ask Questions About Your Case

Most likely you will hear legal terms that are unfamiliar to you. You may not understand the reasons behind different steps in the legal process. Make sure that you ask questions about anything that you do not understand. Lawyers want you to feel comfortable with how they are handling your case. However, it is easy for a lawyer who works in the field to forget that many terms and procedures are unfamiliar to laypeople.

Be honest, organized, and active in your case for the best outcome.