Ideas for Freshening Up and Organizing an Older Home

If you’ve been in the housing market at any point, you may be familiar with the struggle of choosing between the charm of older homes and the modern conveniences of the newer builds. If you’re dreaming of an older character home, don’t rule it out as there are a few things you can do to help it feel new once it’s yours.

Update the Kitchen

Sprucing up a kitchen is one way to help freshen an older home. From changing up the countertops to choosing new backsplash and appliances rockville MD, updates in a kitchen can really go a long way. Giving a fresh new look to the hub of the home can make any home feel new.

Refinish or Replace Windows and Doors

Although not usually a large focal point in a home, doors and windows can actually make a huge difference in the feel of any home. Even if your doors and framing just need a fresh coat of paint, this is a simple change that can make your home feel newer. Sometimes, full replacements are needed, but this gives you the added bonus of reduced draftiness and increased savings in heating and cooling costs.

Get Creative With Organizing

One common complaint of older homes is lack of storage space. Nonexistent or tiny closets can mean your home ends up messy all too often. Get creative with storage by finding ways to display jewelry, shoes or kitchen utensils in an attractive way. Additionally, you may be able to find storage space in unexpected places such as under staircases or beds.

Though charming and full of character, older homes can sometimes present homeowners with unique challenges. Working to improve your property so it feels clean and new can help you avoid that urge to up and move when things feel outdated or cluttered.