How To Become a Connecticut Contractor

In Connecticut, working parameters determine the type of contractor license you need to obtain. There are several categories of contractor work that are defined: Major contractor, New Home Construction Contractor and Home Improvement Contractor.

Determine Your Type of Contractor License

In order to obtain the correct Connecticut contractor license, outline the type of work you will perform. A Major Contractor can perform construction on commercial and residential properties, including roofing, masonry and structural changes. A New Home Construction Contractor can build a new residential home. A Home Improvement Contractor can perform remodeling and landscaping work on a residential property. In certain cases, you may need to obtain more than one license. For example, if you build a new home for a client who requests structural changes six months later, it will be necessary to obtain licenses for both New Home Construction and Home Improvement.

Requirements for Each Contractor Type

In addition to the registration application, a major contractor needs to provide numerous documents. Reference letters are required from a financial institution, a previous supplier or subcontractor, and former employers or clients.  Proof of general liability coverage must be obtained. General contracting companies have to supply company structure information and register with the Department of Revenue Services. Major contracting licenses have to be renewed annually with the applicable fees.

Both new home contractors and home improvement contractors will need to submit a signed and notarized registration application, which can be obtained via the Department of Consumer Protection. Applicable fees are required for both licenses. For all three licenses, contact the Department of Consumer Protection to determine if you need to take the Business and Law exam.

Benefits of a CT Contractor License

Having a contractor license in Connecticut will increase your customer desirability; you will appear dependable and trustworthy. You will also be able to obtain business insurance, which offers more client protection. If you have the ability to perform high-quality work, your contractor license enhances your marketability among prospective customers.