Four Things to do Before Listing Your Property

If you’re thinking of listing your property for sale, chances are you’re learning that it’s quite the process. But when it’s done correctly and thoroughly, it might even sell quicker than expected. Read on for four things you can do to get things going in the right direction.

Hire an Amazing Agent

If you really want to sell, you’re going to need a real estate agent who can get the job done. Think of it as an interview when you meet for the first time. And don’t be afraid to be picky… this is a really important time and you want the strongest foundation possible.

Give Pests the Boot

Would you know if your property had termites lurking? The scary thing is you might not, especially if the infestation is new. Booking services for pest control Key West will not only knock ’em out but protect the structural integrity and resale value of your property moving forward.

Be Financially Prepared

Selling your property doesn’t just mean money in your pocket — additional costs can and will add up and you need to be prepared financially. Make sure to allocate money for insurance, closing costs, additional repairs, and real estate and legal fees.

Nail the First Impression

When a potential buyer comes for a tour, what do you think their first impression will be? There are so many things you can do to spruce up, freshen, update and showcase your listing. Rest easy, because not everything has to come with a huge price tag in order to make a big impact.

When selling your property, remember that you will get out of it what you put in — your time and effort will pay off in the end. By being proactive, prepared and resourceful you should have no problem navigating through this process.