Qualities That Any Good Attorney Should Have

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There are many lawyers in your local phone book. However, you cannot know that a lawyer is good by simply looking at his or her ad. You will need to dig deeper than that. Doing research is absolutely critical when it comes to finding a legal representative who will give you the highest quality counsel during your case. There are many people who make the mistake to thinking that every lawyer has the identical legal skills. This is simply not true. You will discover that the amount of knowledge and skill that lawyers have can vary greatly. This is why it is so important for you to be patient and not rush your selection of a lawyer. Here are the qualities that you should be looking for when you are hiring a lawyer.

1. The lawyer who is serving as your legal representative should have outstanding attention to detail.

It goes without saying that a divorce case can be very complicated. This is especially true if there is a lot of money and assets involved. Child custody will only serve to complicate the issue further. Therefore, it is imperative that your lawyer must have an attention to detail that will prevent him from overlooking any critical issues that could potentially harm your case. Lawyers who work for Cordell and Cordell have been trusted legal representatives for many men who are going through a divorce.

2. Your lawyer must have the ability to negotiate a good settlement.

In divorce cases, staying out of the courtroom can save you a lot of cash. You do not want a judge being the person who decides where your assets will go and who gets custody of your children. These are issues that you should have some say in. Therefore, you should try your best to come to a settlement agreement with your former spouse. You might not get everything you want. However, you will at least walk away with something. Getting into a court battle will only drain your bank account. Also, you have no way of knowing what the judge is going to decide. This is why your lawyer must be a great negotiator. Cordell Cordell employs lawyers who have been negotiating divorce settlements for many years.

3. Your lawyer must have an impeccable reputation in the legal community.

The credibility of your lawyer says a lot about the quality of legal advice you will get if you hire him. You should only hire an attorney who have been working in your area for many years and is respected by his peers. Read some online reviews and find out what people are saying about a lawyer before you make the decision to officially hire him.

The Steps Towards Adoption

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You want to grow your family so you are considering adoption. There are thousands of children available to adopt who are looking for a new home. Here are the steps towards adoption.

Know Your Source

You need to look into all of your options before you make any decisions. You might consider consulting a family law attorney tampa to get their advice. You can adopt a child from the United States or internationally. You will need to see if you can afford this or if you will need financial assistance. You will also want to interview the agency to see if they are reputable. Asks for references to see if this is a good fit for your family.

Study Up

Once you have all of your information together, you should contact a social worker to begin your home visits. The worker will come into your home and interview the members of your family. They will need vital paperwork and a criminal background check will be done to make sure the child is in a good home.

Matching Up

When you have completed you home visits, you can be matched up with a child. In some cases, there is an agreement between the parents and the birth mother. In other instances, a list of waiting children is given to the adoptive parents for them to look at. When a child is paired up, there is paperwork to be completed to make it official.

A New Family Member

The most important step happens once the contracts are finished. Your new child will be brought to live with you so they can get to know the rest of your family. In some instances, they will have to live with you for a specific amount of time to make sure that everything goes well before the adoption is permanent.

Make the Most of Your Lawyer

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If you are working with a Fairfax criminal lawyer, you most likely have a lot at stake in terms of your personal freedom, future job prospects, and finances. By working well with your lawyer, you help your lawyer prepare the best defense possible. You will also likely save money in terms of billable hours.

Be Honest and Forthcoming

Your lawyer can help you best if you are fully honest about all the circumstances of your case. Even if the details are not favorable to you, tell the lawyer the truth. Attorney-client privilege usually protects information that you share with your lawyer. Your lawyer cannot share this information with the court. The only exceptions are if you try to use a lawyer for advice on committing a crime, or if you have died and the state needs information to settle a will.

Be Organized and Proactive

Most likely, your lawyer is charging by the hour. Therefore, you want your lawyer to be spending time on important tasks, not on making phone calls or digging through a pile of papers. Organize all documents and information that you share with your lawyer. Write down ahead of time the questions that you need to ask before you attend meetings. Limit digressions to unrelated topics when you meet. If you think that your lawyer may need phone numbers or certain pieces of information, go ahead and gather that information and bring it with you. Don’t sit in the meeting searching for an address on your phone.

Ask Questions About Your Case

Most likely you will hear legal terms that are unfamiliar to you. You may not understand the reasons behind different steps in the legal process. Make sure that you ask questions about anything that you do not understand. Lawyers want you to feel comfortable with how they are handling your case. However, it is easy for a lawyer who works in the field to forget that many terms and procedures are unfamiliar to laypeople.

Be honest, organized, and active in your case for the best outcome.

The Difference Between a Contested and Uncontested Divorce

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Marriages break up for several reasons. Although at the end of the day, the reasons don’t matter. The union didn’t work.

When a couple chooses to move forward and get a divorce, there are a few issues that need to be determined before the court gets involved. A contested and uncontested divorce tampa take two very different paths through the system. Understanding the differences may help you and your spouse choose which way best suits your situation.

Do You Agree on Everything?

If you have a spouse who is reasonable and who you can work with towards getting a divorce, you may be able to go a quicker legal route. An uncontested divorce is one in which the parties can agree on all issues without having to seek judicial intervention or negotiation. Going through an uncontested divorce is much faster, cheaper and can result in a legal ending in a fraction of the time as a traditional contested divorce.

However, if you are more like most other couples, there are probably a couple of issues on which you can’t agree. Even if it is only one, it is enough to stop the uncontested divorce and put you on the more traditional contested path. Through this, the parties may meet with mediators in an attempt to stay out of a judge’s courtroom. While the process is lengthier, it can still resolve faster if you can get on the same page with everything.

Do You Have Children?

Visitation, custody and child support are high-octane divorce topics and can throw a wrench in even the most amicable separations. Many divorces with children go the contested route simply because the parties have lofty expectations when it comes to what they can get from a judge. However, keep in mind that the court decides child custody in very black and white terms. The court keeps the best interests of the child in mind, which may not end well for either parent.

Divorce is strenuous. If you and your spouse can agree on all matters and go through it uncontested, it may be the best decision.

If You’re Arrested, Here’s What to Expect

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People make mistakes, but sometimes those mistakes break laws. When you have a warrant out for arrest or are accused of a crime and arrested, you may not know what to expect. Here’s a brief breakdown from the arrest through leaving the station.


Most people receive their information on how arrests work from popular TV shows or the evening news. However, not all arrests are the same. There are things you can do to smooth the process. Listening and following the police officer’s orders gives you a better opportunity to plead your case to open ears later, especially if you are innocent. Once you are arrested, you go to the police station to be detained. The officer reads you the Miranda Rights. Since you have the right to obtain a Fairfax criminal lawyer and remain silent, it is in your best interests to do both.


While at the police station, you start the booking process. You are asked general questions about your identity, take a picture and provide your fingerprints. Any personal belongings are inventoried and set aside for when you are released. Once you have been booked, you can make your one phone call. At this point, you can call someone who can post bail if required and pick you up from the station once you are allowed to leave.


A judge determines what you have to do in order to leave the police station. That may mean posting bail. The fee can range from a few hundred dollars to millions depending on the crime and the circumstances of the charges. Most bondsman require a 10-12% of the total bail as their fee. Once bail is posted, you can collect your belongings taken by the booking officer and leave. Be mindful that if you fail to appear in court at the expected time, you may forfeit your bail and have a warrant issued for your arrest. Each state operates slightly differently, but this is the general process.

5 Reasons for a Liquor License

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If you own a restaurant, chances are you’re thinking about selling liquor. Having a liquor license can benefit your establishment in many ways. An appetizing drink menu with some signature specials can help market your business. You can also market your business with a happy hour menu to draw in the dinner crowds earlier. Here are some reasons to think about securing a liquor license in Texas.

Easy Permit

Don’t let the process of obtaining a liquor license stop you. There are firms that can help you secure a texas alcohol permit so you can start selling alcohol faster. By going through a firm, you won’t have the hassle of going through what can be a slow and tedious process to obtain a liquor license.

Better Marketability

With a liquor license, you can make a bigger marketing push to help your brand awareness. For example, there can be Happy Hour Hump Days every Wednesday, or Margarita Mondays in addition to Taco Tuesdays and Thirsty Thursdays. With a liquor license, every day can potentially feel like a weekend with such special promotions.

More Adults

Note that selling alcohol will help attract more adults – such as those seeking a night cap or young professionals after a happy hour – than children or teenagers. That’s a key reason, considering that adults will also help drive up more sales than kids will.

Competitive Edge

Keep in mind that you are not that only one seeking a liquor license – many other restaurants are as well. Selling liquor will not only sharpen your competitive edge, it will help you stay abreast of the competition.

Higher Profit

For many restaurants, selling liquor can make up such a key chunk of sales. Take a glass of wine that costs $10 – similar to what an appetizer might cost, but an appetizer takes more time and ingredients to prepare than simply pouring from a $30 bottle. You sell three glasses of wine, you’ve already paid for that bottle.

Here are just a few ways a liquor license can help your new restaurant stay current and competitive.

Interpretation of Business law definitions, Their Purpose, and Purpose

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The interpretation of business law definitions must have been memorized by students who pursue business knowledge when they study. But, in fact the interpretation of the business law is fairly simple when memorized, it is quite difficult if you practice it in the real world.

Yes, business law definitions is a law that contains procedures for doing business so that the business or trade can be orderly and the problems contained in the business can be resolved properly without having to deviate from applicable law.

When a vowed to do a business, in fact so that the business is comfortable from the problem, a person must understand very well about the law in doing business. Certainly when he understands the law in doing business, the knowledge would be useful for him if when doing business they experience a problem.

Use and law definitions

Problems in business are not just a matter of permission to do business, but also problems with business rivals that sometimes make business actors obliged to have problems with the law definitions. Until then, from now on, for those of you who want the business to run easily, there is no harm in you knowing more in detail about the law in doing business.

Interpretation of business law alone is not enough if you want to know more about business law. Generally, after you recognize the definition of business law, you should also know about the purpose and purpose. At the very least, there is a portion of the business law that must be known by business actors. For the beginning, business law can be used as a source of data for business actors. Yes, by pursuing business law, so they can recognize a little detail about doing good and profitable business.

The second business law is that business actors can better recognize their rights and responsibilities when building a business. The right to do business, one of which can be able to offer any product like its flagship business product. Above all, its business products do not deviate from statutory provisions and do not harm others. Conversely for the problem of liability, the obligation of a business actor is paying taxes. So, if you understand business law well, you should not forget your obligation to pay taxes.

The Purpose of Business Law

Surely there are still more uses of business law that must be understood by business actors. With the existence of business law, it is expected that business actors will be able to act better in conducting business. In a business, of course you have a competitor, you may compete for success in business, but you must remember that competing must be healthy and may not use fraudulent methods that can harm other business people. Not only for business law, you also need to know and understand the objectives of business law. The purpose of a very simple business law is to create a business that is comfortable and fair for all business actors.

It is expected that after the business actors want to pursue about the theory of business law from interpretation to the objectives of business law, the business actors can conduct their business properly. If indeed there are problems that they must face in doing business, the problems that confront them can be resolved properly and do not cause problems that can deviate with the law.

So, it can be said, when business actors master business law, they can conduct business wisely and can easily achieve success.

kinds of law of Attraction Basics – Are They Important?

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In learning to apply the kinds of law of Attraction to our daily lives, we must first realize the importance of the basics. To become an adept kinds of law of Attraction practitioner, you must first master the basics. For those who know the basics, make sure to master them. And for those who are not yet aware, I’m going to show them to you. Learn them by repetition.

1 – You Attract What You Are Like

Your lifestyle, your way of living, your attitude – define them and you’ll see that some of the people around you are just like you. Why? Because you attract things that are similar to you. You have to put efforts into becoming what you want to attract if you think you are attracting the wrong people into your life.

2 – What You Attract is Defined by What You Believe In

Are you the pessimistic guy who believes that life is hard and times are tough? Or are you the optimistic lad who believes that life doesn’t have to be so hard and wealth and success are easy to attain? Whether you are the pessimistic guy or the optimistic lad, you are usually right about what you believe in.
In building and shaping your attitude, your belief system has a lot of hands. If you believe in yourself, then, and only then will success come to you. Your attitude is what shapes your actions which will lead you to either success or failure.

3 – You Should Be Willing to Accept Change

The Fundamentals of Attraction kinds of law – Do They Mean? but it is a fact of life that we must believe in and know by heart. You have to put in efforts to change if you want to achieve something. Better things will come to you depending on the change that you bring into your life. You will definitely see far better things getting attracted into your life if you can successfully bring about a drastic change in yourself.

4 – Ask and Believe, Then You Shall Receive

In attracting what you want, you simply ask the universe, and it shall be given to you. Do you believe me? If so, you are willing to accept change and are well aware of Basic #3. You see, there is a certain truth in this universe: You can get anything you want. How? Just by thinking of your desire, feeling happy and excited about it, and live your life as if your desire is already a part of your reality.
To be a master yourself, you have to master the basics. This holds true for every lesson that we learn in life. You are a creator yourself. So be responsible and shape your own future by consciously attracting good things in your life with the help of the Law of Attraction.
If you have mastered the basics, you can now move on to advanced Law of Attraction knowledge. Know the importance of the Law of Attraction basics by heart, and start living the life of your dreams, and attracting anything and everything that you desire for.

The Upside to Engaging a Multi-Disciplinary Law Firm

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If you have ever considered hiring a lawyer, whether you need help with a personal or business matter, you may wonder how you will make a sound decision. With a large selection of attorneys to choose from in varying specialties, it may seem impossible to narrow down the list.

Some firms concentrate their practice in one area of the law, while others seem to have many departments that cover every component you can imagine. Should you go with a firm that is small and specializes in the type of services you need at the time or is a more varied firm better? In terms of repeat business or issues, choosing a firm with many departments may be the best decision in the long run.

More Specialties Does Not Equal Poor Service

There is an idea that to get the best of the best, you should only go with a firm that deals just in the type of legal services you require at the time. The thought behind this is that too many options equal mediocrity in all. This could not be further from the truth at a place like Hardison Wood. The fact is, more specialties equals more opportunities for ideas, input and strategizing on your case. If five attorneys at a firm specializing in family law and three deal in business law, your divorce may run smoother if you own a business. The different subsets come together to give you the best representation on many levels.

Future Engagements Are Easier

You may not believe you will ever need an attorney after your divorce is final. However, many things need addressing following a final dissolution. For example, your estate plan needs rewriting to account for your new status. You are actively searching for a new house, and so loan documents, closing documents, and contracts need negotiating and drafting. Your business needs to register new trademarks and patents. Going with a group of attorneys dealing in multi-faceted legal issues means you don’t have to run around the city in search of each service.

Billing and Rates Are Flexible

When you are established with a firm, and you have been a reliable client, attorneys may be willing to negotiate their rates. They value your business and want you to be as happy as possible with any outcome. Keeping your business may be essential to the firm’s business plan as you are more likely to refer others. You have a little wiggle room with rates and bills this way.

Don’t believe all the negativity about multi-purpose law firms. Attorneys in a mixed-use practice can deal with whatever your case may require.

Why Bail is Important When You are Arrested

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Bail is set for everyone that is arrested. The amount will be determined by the type of crime they are accused of committing. If someone is charged with a felony, the bail is higher than if they are charged of a misdemeanor. In some instances, if the defendant is accused of a particularly bad crime, bail may be denied.

Bail Allows the Defendant to Return to Work

Bail can be paid in several ways. One is by putting up the amount set by the judge in cash. However, this may be more than most people can afford. Therefore, many people obtain the services of a bail bondsman. The defendant, a relative, or friend can pay a percentage of the bail amount to a bondsman. Then they will be released so they can return to work and their family. An example of a company that provides bail bonds adams county colorado is ABC Bail Bonds.

Being able to go back to work can keep the defendant from losing their job. This is important because not only do they need an income to support themselves and their family, but they will likely need to hire an attorney. If they spend weeks in jail awaiting their court appearance, their employer will probably hire someone to replace them.

Preparing a Defense

Once the defendant is released from jail, they can consult with a lawyer to prepare a defense to their charges. Whether they actually committed the crime or not, a lawyer may be able to get their charges reduced or possibly dropped. The defendant can help by providing the lawyer with witnesses or an alibi that casts a doubt on their guilt.

Anyone that is arrested is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty. A bail bondsman provides an important service for people who cannot come up with a large amount of cash at one time. Being arrested can be a traumatic experience. It is far better to be able to go home and be with family while awaiting court appearances than to spend this time sitting in jail.

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