3 Tips for Novice Truckers

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As a new trucker on the road, you might be trying to establish a name for yourself. Some of the key qualities to highlight when bidding on truck loads available in your area are dependability, affordability, and reliability. If you want to secure the winning bid with potential customers, there are several things to keep in mind.

1. Charge the right rate. Just because you are a newbie doesn’t mean you should undercut the other haulers to gain more business. This is a two-edged sword in the business world. A price too low can look desperate and too eager for work. It might create skepticism in the quality of your services. More importantly, you won’t be able to turn a long-term profit, as customers who take advantage of your low rates will expect them to stay that way. It is generally smarter to quote your rate per mile, than as an entire job. Using a fixed and variable cost model enables you to choose the most accurate all-in cost per mile rate.

2. Know the overhead costs. You already know that you need to pay for fuel, but there are other costs of transport services. A comprehensive insurance plan can take from your profits but it is more costly to attempt to operate without it. You also have operational utilities like mobile phone service, lodging, meals, and other investments into safety accessories.

3. Maximize your fuel costs. The cheapest price at the pump isn’t always the best price. Quality gas can improve your mileage, potentially saving you thousands of dollars a year. The issues arise with the way truckers pay taxes. Therefore, the lowest base price, rather than the pump price, is what will help you save the most money.

Operating a trucking company has a lot more to it than simply picking up a load and driving across town. Carefully consider the importance of a management strategy to help maximize your profits.

3 Things All Truck Drivers Should Have

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When work keeps you on the road for days or weeks on end, you will need to ensure you have all of the important essentials on you at all times. To keep yourself safe and comfortable, here is a list of things that every truck driver should have.

Know Who to Call

Always be prepared for the worst. Keep various contact numbers on hand that will allow you to easily request assistance if need be, particularly if there is a technology issue that puts your usual methods of communication out of commission. Have a means of contacting commercial vehicle roadside assistance for when things go wrong in addition to any relevant emergency numbers, such as highway patrol and fire and emergency services.

Pack Plenty of Clothing

Make sure you have clothes for when you are on-duty and off-duty. Aim for comfort and flexibility so that you will be able to remain comfortable while on the road and also properly dressed regardless of what area and climate you are in. Keep gear for surprise poor weather as well, such as a raincoat and hat. Invest in a couple pairs of sunglasses to make sure you are never out of luck if one pair gets damaged or lost.

Keep Safety in Mind

In addition to proper clothing for every type of weather, pack gear that will keep you safe when dealing with both road hazards and whatever surprises your latest haul may contain. Get steel toe work boots and a hard hat that fits you correctly. Have a high-visibility safety vest on hand for if any issues pop up that leave you stuck on the side of the road. Have a sturdy pair of work gloves that you can count on at your side at all times.

By preparing and packing ahead, you can make sure you don’t get caught without the right equipment on hand while out on the road.

Easy Tricks to Keep Your Work Truck Clean

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If you work in a field that requires a truck, chances are your vehicle regularly suffers from wear and tear, as well as clutter. Here are some tips that will help minimize the mess.

Organize Your Truck Toolbox

Truck boxes are a great way to keep your tools conveniently located and close at hand. How you choose to arrange your tools varies based on their type, size and function. You can use several techniques and systems to organize your box, including bags, making sections for specific types of tools and layering your tools. For extra security, you can even install magnets to hold items. Whichever method you choose, an organized toolbox can contribute to a good looking truck bed as well as efficiency when completing jobs.

Use Bed Liners

Bed liners are an easy and inexpensive way to maintain your truck bed. Depending on your line of work and the type of protection that you need, there are many different types available, such as drop-in bed liners, bed mats, sprayed-in bed liners and bed rugs. Using any type of bed liner provides a barrier against unnecessary damage to your truck bed.  Additionally, bed liners will prevent the acceleration of normal wear and tear and keep your bed looking like new.

Tire Blooming

Tire blooming occurs as tires age and can appear unattractive as well as unprofessional. There are several methods to eliminate the brown stains caused by tire blooming. Using a tire brush and a tire gel or dressing, restoring your tires to their sleek black color can completely change the appearance of your vehicle. For upkeep, remember to wash your tires every time you are washing your truck.

Maintaining the cleanliness of your work vehicle does not have to be difficult if you use these simple methods for tool organization, an undamaged truck bed and spotless tires.

Staying Safe on the Road in the Winter

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Driving for long distances in the winter can be challenging. With less sunlight, it can be harder to stay awake in the early morning and evenings. The cold weather can cause slippery spots and other issues with roads. Follow these guidelines to stay safe as you drive in the colder months.

Be Prepared to Call for Help

Never drive without a cell phone and a charger that is compatible with your vehicle’s charging port. Keep your insurance company’s phone number handy and know which types of assistance are covered. Don’t be afraid to make use of services such as 24 hour truck tire repair. When temperatures are below freezing, you cannot afford to wait on the side of the highway for hours; you need to get help as soon as possible.

Check the Weather

Before setting out on any trip, look at the forecast for the entire time that you will be gone. If you see that a storm is coming, try to reschedule your trip or make plans to stop halfway through. Beware of black ice, especially in the mountains, on bridges or on winding roads. After a cold spell, watch out for new potholes that could cause flat tires and seriously delay your trip.

Have Emergency Supplies Ready

If you do get caught in a storm, whether from road conditions or an accident, you want to have enough supplies to ensure your safety. Fill a box with bottled water, nonperishable foods, a can and a candle for melting snow, blankets, matches and a flashlight with batteries. Having these supplies on hand and not using them will not hurt anyone. You do not want a lack of preparation to be the reason for a bad situation turning into an emergency.

For someone who frequently drives, winter can be an anxious time. Take these recommendations seriously and lessen your chances of having an avoidable emergency.

What You Need To Build a Gas Station

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Starting your own business can seem intimidating, especially when you are looking to start a fueling station for vehicles. This process can be broken into three main steps designed to get you up and running as soon as possible; namely, having a business plan, finding a location and buying equipment.

Business Plan

Your business plan should include all aspects of your business from where you hope to get funding to how many employees you anticipate needing and even how you want to grow your business in the future. One thing that can help you start your fuel station business plan is to price the services of gas station builders. These companies are designed to help you build your station from scratch as well as help with all the maintenance and paperwork over the years. Some builders can help you put car washes and other perks on your property as well.


You will want your gas station in a prime location where there is high traffic and little competition with big-name brands. Conversely, you can buy a franchise from one of the big-name brands and use that name recognition to build your customer base more quickly. It is a good idea to look for locations with easy entry and exit points and which are zoned for your type of company.


Most of the equipment you need will be included in the price of the property or in the plans of the builders. You will, however, need to decide if a franchise is right for you as well as find suppliers for fuel and other products you will sell at your station.

Building your own gas station can be intimidating at first, but the more you research and the better builders you find, the easier it will be. You can find a lot of resources through your builder including information on where stations can be built and what perks you can offer your customers.

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