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Film, also known as film, live picture, theater film or moving photo, is a series of still images, which when displayed on the screen will create the illusion of moving images due to phi phenomena. This optical illusion forces the viewer to see continuous movement between different objects quickly and in a row. The film making process is a combination of art and industry. A film can be made by photographing real scenes with a film camera; photographing pictures or “miniature” models using traditional animation techniques; with CGI and computer animation; or by a combination of some existing techniques and other visual effects.


The word “cinema”, which is short for cinematography, is often used to refer to the film industry, filmmaking and the art of filmmaking. The definition of cinema today is the art in (simulation) experience to communicate ideas, stories, views, perspectives, tastes, beauty or atmosphere by means of recorded and moving images that are programmed together with other sensory movers.

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How to Make a Short Film

Have a desire to make a short film, but still don’t know how to make it? Quiet! This article will discuss in full how to make a cool film and some short film examples that won awards, so watch this article until it runs out.

Filmmaking is a discipline that requires high technical ability and involves a variety of skills, Urbaners. Therefore, jumping into the world of filmmaking is certainly not an easy matter. But, there are still many ways to learn, one of them is by making short films, which can help you learn more about filmmaking and jump right into the field. You have a great chance to make your own movie, you know!

As the name implies, this type of film certainly has a short duration as well. Wikipedia notes that this type of film is one of the simplest and most complex forms of film. Technically it is a film that has a duration of no more than 50 minutes. The form is also very free, you know, because the makers have the freedom to choose the desired way of speaking.

Because the making depends on the creator, this film has a varying shape and duration. There is even a duration of only 60 seconds. Whether or not the duration is not the most important, Urbaners. The most important thing is the idea and use of communication media used can take place effectively. So, if the duration of 60 seconds can summarize ideas and messages to the audience, there is absolutely no problem.

The increasing variety of films today makes a more open perspective on the form of film. This type of film also has a significant contribution to the development of cinema today. But keep in mind that in essence short films are not reductions from films that have long stories or training platforms for beginners, yes, because this type of film has its own characteristics that make it unique.

The uniqueness makes it different from films that have long stories. Not because of the narrow meaning, making it easier, or using a more minimal budget, but because it can provide the space for expression. This space provides filmmakers with the opportunity to freely express their ideas and filmmakers to showcase their talents.

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