6 This scary horror documentary feels real, makes it difficult to sleep

If you hear the word documentary, maybe the first thing you will see are films about wildlife by National Geographic or Discovery Channel.

Even though there are also documentaries with horror stories in them. And what makes it exciting, the films will certainly tell true stories that make it even more sinister.

Examples like these six films are suitable for your Friday night friends.

1. The Nightmare

The Nightmare is a documentary that tries to bring the theme of sleep paralized or ordinary Indonesians to recognize it with the phenomenon of overlap. This film tries to uncover the phenomenon of overlapping based on several myths that develop in society.

This film received a lot of praise from film critics because it was considered successful in presenting the supernatural side of the overlapping phenomenon quite real without leaving any creepy impression.

2. My Amityville Horror

My Amityville Horror is a story adapted from a book called The Amityville Horror: A True Story. The true story begins in 1975.

At that time George and Kathy Lutz along with three children from Kathy’s previous marriage moved to a Dutch-style house located at 12 Ocean Avenue in the rural area of Amityville, on Long Island. During occupying the house all family members haunted by strange and terrible events. Their lives are gripped by horror.

Until one day, they decided to run away from the house leaving all their belongings. This documentary is about the stories of people who are haunted and their impact on those who experience.

3. Never Sleep Again

Never Sleep Again is a film documenting the legend of Freedy Crugers. This film tells the story of the house on Elm Street, where it is said that the ghost figure of Freddy Crugers, began to appear and terrorize his victims through dreams.

In this film you will be presented with a collection of rare photos and videos of occult phenomena that occur in the haunted house.

4. A Haunting in Connecticut

A Haunting in Connecticut is part of another horror documentary series titled ‘The Haunting’ which has been airing on the Discovery Channel since 2005. This documentary series devotes itself to the stories of mystical places in America, interviewing local sources.

In this film, the producer Larry Silverman focuses on visualizing the magical events that occurred at Sarah Campbell’s house. The house according to the legend is a witness of a mystical event experienced by the Champbell family in 1987 ago.

5. Killer Legends

Killer Legends, directed by Joshua Zeman, aims to document various urban legend stories about legendary killers in the United States.

With style like an investigation, Zeman managed to present a scary impression, although not merely discussing the mystical story. In this film Zeman presents four mysterious murder stories, ‘The Hookman,’ ‘The Candyman,’ ‘The Babysitter and Man Upstairs,’ and ‘The Killer Clown.’

6. Room 237

Room 237 is predicted as one of the scariest documentaries of all time. This film tells about various arguments that occurred in a hotel room numbered 237.

Beginning with an argument that leads to the idea of genocidal efforts against the Indians. the film then starts to lead to a variety of ambiguous dialogs that seem to overlap.