6 of the Best Indonesian Jadul Comedy Films

When the long vacation moments like now, television will usually display a variety of widescreen movies from various eras.

Starting from Indonesian films that are fairly new, Hollywood films which were also fairly recently released in theaters, Indonesian films and old school Hollywood also did not want to miss. In terms of themes, it is quite diverse, ranging from drama, family, romance, horror, and of course comedy.

Comedy films are a genre of films that are widely screened on television during the long holiday moments. For example, the film Warkop DKI has never been absent every year on long holiday moments like now.

There must be television stations that re-broadcast the best titles of DKI Warkop films. The audience was still a lot because the Warkop DKI films are still funny even though they have been watched many times. These are the 6 best old Indonesian comedy films that are still funny even though they have been watched many times.

Here are 6 of Indonesia’s best old school comedy films
Watching old comedy movies aka old school even though it has been watched many times but still able to shake the stomach, as if the cuteness that was presented eternally so that it was still funny even though it was watched and enjoyed decades later.

One of them is Warkop DKI movie which if watched and enjoyed today still makes us laugh. That is one proof of the genius of a comedian. Here are 6 of the best old Indonesian comedy films that can shake the stomach despite being watched many times.

1. Mana Tahaaan (1979)

The first best old Indonesian comedy film titled Mana Tahaaan which aired in 1979. This film is a film from the legendary group Warkop DKI.

Directed by Nawi Ismail, and starring Elvy Sukaesih, Rahayu Effendi, and Kusno Sudjarwadi. In the midst of unfavorable film conditions, this film was able to attract 400,816 viewers, a figure that was quite fantastic at that time.

2. Benyamin Biang Kerok (1972)

The next best old Indonesian comedy film is Benyamin Biang Kerok which aired in 1972. Just like the film Mana Tahaaan, this film was directed by Nawi Ismail.

The film stars Benyamin S. And Ida Royani, who both look very harmonious in this film. You will see the typical cuteness of the legendary Benjamin S. in this film.

3. Ratu Amplop (1974)

Ratu Amplop which aired in 1974 was included in the category of the best old Indonesian comedy film. The film, again directed by Nawi Ismail, starred Benyamin S., Ratmi B-29, and Ida Royani.

This film tells the story of the romance of the character played by Benjamin who was dating the character played by Ida Royani but instead ended up smitten by the character played by Ratmi B-29.

4. Kejarlah Daku Kau Kutangkap (1986)

Pursue Daku Kau Aku Catch also included in the best old Indonesian comedy film. This film can even be regarded as one of the most successful comedy films in Indonesia.

In 1986, this film became the fifth best-selling film. Because of its success, the film was even remade into a soap opera in 2002. Besides being funny, good acting quality with smart dialogues made this film a success.

5.Gengsi Dong (1980)

Nawi Ismail is indeed one of the best comedy film directors in Indonesia. This time, it was the turn of the film, titled Gengsi Dong, which was included in the list of the best old Indonesian comedy films. The film, starring Warkop DKI, Camelia Malik, and Zainal Abidin was able to achieve extraordinary success when it was released in 1980.

6.Dongkrak Antik (1982)

The last best old Indonesian comedy film is Antique Jack. The film was directed by Arizal and produced by PT Parkit Film owned by Raam Punjabi. The film stars the legendary Indonesian comedy group Warkop DKI. Until now this film is often played on television, especially when the long holiday moments.