3 Ways To Stay Safe at Work

Most individuals expect a safe environment at his or her place of employment, but that is a luxury that many don’t have. One study reports that potentially harmful conditions are experienced by the majority of our nation’s workers. The bad news doesn’t stop there, however. Every 7 seconds an American is injured at work, resulting in 4.7 million injuries each year. Factory and warehouse workers are especially prone to unsafe conditions, but there are several ways to limit the risk in those occupations.

Maintain Equipment

Keeping machinery running efficiently is key to operating a safe and successful workplace. Equipment malfunctions often result in a log jam of work orders, while also placing additional stress on workers to meet production quotas. Machinery that is regularly cleaned and serviced lasts longer, performs better and reduces the risk of injury.

Eliminate Distractions

Instances where workers are unable or unwilling to focus on the task at hand often result in mistakes and injuries. This is one reason why many companies prohibit employees from having access to smartphones and other devices during a work shift. Encouraging a wholesome lifestyle, including regular exercise, getting plenty of sleep and eating healthy, also helps put workers in an ideal physical and mental condition to concentrate on work duties.

Some distractions are beyond the employee’s responsibility, however. Noise pollution is a major problem in many workplaces, and among the chief causes are noisy casters. The squeaky, high decibel sounds they produce can induce headaches, cause hearing damage and negatively impact an individual’s ability to maintain focus. Using noise reducing casters remedies many of these problems.

Prioritize Training

Safety in the workplace begins with training. Ensure all staff are educated on the proper use of machinery and understand safety plans. Many businesses offer regular refresher courses on important topics such as the use of safety equipment and fire response training.

Accidents will always happen, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to prevent them. Employing these tactics will help to maintain a safe workplace environment.