3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Office Space Germ Free

In many states, people are beginning to return to the workplace, and now more than ever, it is essential that office spaces are germ free. Here are three easy ways to ensure that your employees stay safe and healthy at work.

Clean and Sanitize Floors

Shoes are dirty. In fact, the transfer rate of bacteria from shoes to clean tiles is 90% to 99%. Though you may want to clean the floors yourself, hiring a service to perform floor cleaning Manhattan NY is a much safer and smarter option. Commercial floor cleaners use products that are typically a bit heavier duty than the products that you can buy from the store. Hire someone to give your office floors a deep clean at least every few days. 

Encourage Sick Employees to Stay Home

This may sound obvious, but employees who have any symptoms of illness—even if it could just be allergies—should be encouraged to stay home. This is not the time to be a hero and go into work even though you feel under the weather. Consider coworkers and how easily germs can spread in an enclosed office area, and work from home if you feel even a little bit run down.

Wipe Desks and Common Areas Down Often

If your employees share a kitchen or use the same phones and computers, they should get in the habit of wiping everything that they have touched down after use. Cleaning wipes containing alcohol should be readily available, as should hand sanitizer. If someone is spotted not following guidelines, they should be gently reminded to do their part to keep the office safe for all. 

These are scary times, and the prospect of leaving home is still tough for some. Use these easy tips to ensure that your workplace is safe and healthy for your valuable employees.