3 Reasons to Visit East Coast Beaches in the off Season

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The beaches along the East Coast provide lots of fun and excitement in the summer, but they can also be a great fall and winter vacation spot. Here are a few reasons why visiting the beach doesn’t have to be an activity that is only reserved for warmer months.

No Reservations are Necessary

Those restaurants that have painfully long waits during the summer are much easier to get into in the off season. You may even be able to walk in without a reservation, and receive the same top-notch service and food that you would during busier months. Vacation rentals Bald Head Island are also typically much easier to get, and some places even offer discounted rates in the less popular season.

The View is Beautiful

Even though it may be a bit chilly for sunbathing and swimming, the ocean views are still unbeatable-and best of all, the beaches are nearly empty. If you visit during the winter, you may even get the chance to see the beaches covered in snow, which is a rare, unique sight. For those who want to take a dip no matter the weather, swimming in cold water has numerous mental and physical health benefits.

Special Events are Common

During the months when tourism drops, many beach communities hold special events for the locals, and also to bring some tourists back to town. Craft festivals, live music, and even ice skating rinks are some of the fun things that you can experience. If you spend the holidays at the beach, you will surely be able to take part in local holiday traditions such as light shows and visits with Santa for the little ones.

The beach doesn’t have to be a place that is reserved only for summer. Plan an off-season trip and you’ll have a totally different experience than ever before.

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