3 Benefits of Living in a Gated Community

Gated community living is sometimes surrounded by a negative connotation, often perceived as a living option only for the elite. This stereotype is not always true, however. Many Florida developments are accessible to a wide spectrum of income-earners. If you aren’t sure about choosing a gated community Niceville FL, consider these three benefits.

1. Safety for Pedestrians

Gated community designs provide a higher level of safety than conventional neighborhoods. Slower vehicle speeds and less traffic pose a smaller threat to pedestrians. Living in a gated community offers the possibility for safer outdoor activities, such as walking, jogging and bike riding. This extra layer of protection also allows children to play outside in a much more secure environment.

2. Higher Security

Due to the controlled nature of gated housing developments, vehicles entering and exiting are more closely monitored. Potential thieves can be deterred from attempting to enter when guard shacks and/or security cameras are present to record license plate information. Additionally, solicitation can be reduced or cut out completely. Because owners determine who to let in, solicitors can be turned away before even stepping foot on an owner’s property. Residents can enjoy the peace of mind brought by knowing that their home is a safe haven, free from outside intrusion. 

3. Sense of Community

Homeowners in gated areas typically share a common interest in the preservation of their community. This shared interest tends to create a sense of community among neighbors. Because residents can more easily discern between neighbors and visitors, they are more likely to form stronger relationships with one another. 

Gated communities are far more than the stereotypes that too often define them. There are significant benefits to living in a gated community. If any of these three reasons appeal to you, consider gated living as an option!