25 Anime of the 90s that clings to the heart

Don’t know since when you like anime. What is clear, from kindergarten, late. father already bought Japanese anime videos * I think in the past he bought in the glodok area * Even then, still in the era of using VCRs, there hasn’t been any such thing as CDs, VCDs, especially DVDs. I wonder what is in his mind to ‘trick’ his children with Japanese-style culture * Is it possible because he works in a textile factory which is actually a Japanese owner? can be *
For me and my brother, watching this anime becomes something new. Understandably, at that time the cartoon that I know is still the output of the Western world, aka America. Be, I’m amazed, bin amazed to get a new spectacle. Especially if on video, the sound is not dubbed, it is different from the anime shown on TV.
Well, not long ago, I was packing things for the sake of moving house * actually because it was also flooded * Unexpectedly, I found some posters, pictures and manga that could be considered old school. For example, Saint Seiya, magic knight rayearth, and sailor moon. Cash my memory back many years back.
Like a rewinded movie, I remembered an anime that filled my childhood. 25 anime I managed to remember though vaguely.

1. Doraemon

Doraemon, one of the anime that never dies aka everlasting anime. Imagine, since I was a child until now, this anime is still airing and famous in almost all countries in the world. Who try not to know the figure of Doraemon, Nobita, Shizuka, Giant and Suneo. To the extent that all sorts of trinkets themed Doraemon sell well and mushroom in the market. Amazingly, Nobita can be said to be very young, or even immortal, yes. From the beginning until now, I’m still an elementary school student, not getting older.
Tappi, apparently, Nobita et al finally grew older. Suddenly they were 30 years old. even Doraemon becomes thin … Don’t be surprised, Toyota uses the figure of Doraemon et al as a character who advertises Toyota reborn.
Oh yes, what I remember the most from Doraemon is the bamboo propeller and the magic bag. The original soundtrack is very striking in the hearts of the audience. I personally like the Japanese and Indonesian versions of the OST. “I want to come here, I want to go there. I want to want that a lot … hey … bamboo blades … “that’s about a piece of the song’s lyrics.

2. Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya. First aired on RCTI and a blink of an eye immediately boomed. Gosh, back then, Saint Seiya was the coolest anime I’ve ever watched. I was very impressed with the alias costume armor worn by these zodiac warriors. Plus, there are 5 knights who, to a child like me, look very handsome. Each of them has their own expertise and appeal. They were soldiers whose job was to protect the daughter of Saori who was said to be the reincarnation of the Goddess Athena. These five warriors have different armor, according to the zodiac or the existing constellations. There are Hyoga, Ikki, Seiya, Sun, and Shiryu,
The original soundtrack of this anime is also very well known. Once you hear it, you will surely recall the story of Seiya et al.

3. Shulato (Shurato)

This one anime series is no less cool. aired on Indosiar and tells about the struggle of King Shula Shulato. Shulato is actually a martial artist who is teleported to a world full of fantasy. This Shulato used to be very booming, as was Saint Seiya. What I remember most from this anime is Shulato’s unique mantra that is said every time he wants to turn into the king of Shula. If I’m not mistaken, “Naumaksan manda bodanan. Abirongken Soaka Shula Mahaken. Shulato … the king of Shula! “

4. Sailor Moon

Kyaaaa … If this anime series is my favorite. In a way, this is the first time I’ve truly fallen in love with Japan. It seems like since watching this anime I have become interested in all things Japanese. Understandably, is it because I am a girl, I am more familiar with this anime. Plus, there is the figure of the mamoru the masked tuxedo who is handsome not playing * in my eyes first *
First time watching from videotapes bought late. Father Since then, I have always set aside money every month just to buy a sailor moon manga, from the colorless to the colored version of the manga. Really cool, anyway, I thought at that time.
“With the power of the moon, will punish you!” That was the usagi’s jargon when he turned into sailor moon. The clumsy usagi, who is actually the daughter of the moon named Serenity. The story of Sailor Moon continues until Usagi and Mamoru are adults and have children. Even if I’m not mistaken, this series will be released again * or even yes * Anyway, TOP abis.

5. Dragon Ball

Sun Goku. The main figure in the Dragon Ball anime. Almost all generations of cartoon or anime enthusiasts must be familiar with Sun Goku. This Dragon Ball is very booming even now. I don’t know how many versions of Dragon Ball have aired. But, unlike Nobita, whose growth was sooooooooo slow or not at all, Son Goku’s figure continued to grow from children to his son Sun Goku’s son, Sun Gohan. The story is more or less about Sun Goku et al who search, collect and protect 7 dragon balls.
Because of its popularity, film makers have been seduced to make this anime a live action movie. For example, Dragon Ball: The Magic Begins (Taiwan), Goku Fights Goku Wins (Korea), and Dragon Ball Evolution (America). Although in my personal opinion, nothing has satisfied my heart. That is, the anime and manga are also better than the live version. I think, it would be better if the dragon ball is made live but in the form of 3-dimensional cartoons or the animations are made again with better images and effects * increasingly here more and more sophisticated times *

What I remember the most was the soundtrack. a lot of OST is still being played until now. In the past there was also a card game (similar to Yu Gi OH) that was booming when the dragon ball was hot. Even now I still keep the dragon ball card collection.

6. Magic Knight Rayearth

This anime tells the story of Hikaru, Umi and Fuu. They were actually ordinary girls who were suddenly shocked by Master Clef’s statement that they were the legendary magicians of Rayearth. their job is to save the world of Cefiro. Vaguely remember the story, but many forget it seems. One thing that is still remembered is the role of Zagato, the villain who wants the destruction of Cefiro.

7. Ultraman

if this one is still a spectacle for children. Not long ago, I smiled to myself seeing one of my students watching Ultraman on YouTube. In addition, I also watched it when I was a child, although with a different version.

8. Candy-Candy

Candy … candy … candy … * sing along * In Indonesia, these candies are arguably included in the pretty series. The story is a bit romantic. The main characters that I remember the most are Candy and Anthony. Candy is an orphan who lives in an orphanage in America. He was later adopted and felt various life experiences. Until finally, he met his dream prince, Anthony.
I really like this series, to the point that I watch a soap opera whose story for me is very similar to candy-candy. You could even say, adapted or inspired candy. The title was Candy and aired on RCTI. Candy is played by Rachel Amanda while Anthony is played by Lucky Perdana.

9. Ikkyu San

When it comes to anime that is inspiring and very suitable for children, this Ikkyu san can be a choice. Ikkyu san told about the adventures of a boy named Ikkyu who became a monk. In Japan, the monk Ikkyu is very famous because he is very clever and wise. Hence, until now, Ikkyu san is still a lot of loyal fans.
In Japan itself, this anime made a live action version. If I’m not mistaken, around 2012.

10. Volt V

Voltus V. If children now may be more familiar with transformers or power rangers. but in the past, I was more familiar with Voltus V. It was really impressive watching it, because at that time it was very sophisticated, from various forms of vehicles, being able to unite and become robots. So remember, yesterday when packing also found my brother’s Voltus V robot toy when he was a child.
Horie Mmitsuko – Volt V (opening theme)
Aoi Akira and The Columbia Orchestra – Chi Chi Wo Motomete / I Want father (ending theme)

11. Minky Momo

Cute and funny Momo. Momo is a girl who has magical power to transform herself into anything. The story is, there was a country called Fenarinarsa where the fairies lived. This place can continue to exist because humans continue to dream. But, over time many people stop dreaming so this place is on the verge of collapse. At that moment, Momo, daughter of the land of Fenarinarsa was sent to Earth to help humans not stop having dreams and hopes. Well, every time Momo succeeds in helping a human being get happiness and dreams, then one jewel will appear in the crown of the kingdom of Fenarinarsa. If Momo manages to bring back 12 gems in the crown, then Momo will return to his country.

12. Magic Girls or Miracles Girls

This anime series tells about twin brothers named Tomomi and Mikage. They have super powers to fight crime. Predictably, this big brother has a different personality. one girly and the other tomboyish.

13. Born to Cook or Mr. Ajikko

This is my first time watching an anime with a very down to earth theme or not fantasy. How not, this anime presents a story about the life of a chef, more to the chef competition anyway. The main character if not mistaken his name Yoichi. He is a genius in cooking.
I remember, every time I watched this series, I would be amazed and laughed endlessly. Why? because cooking tips and tricks that they display sometimes beyond my imagination. Coupled with the effect or reaction of everyone who tasted the results of his meal, you could say priceless, excessive (if now it might be considered Lebayyy times yes). For example, yeah, after eating suddenly his mouth came out of light (tsahhhh) and then yelled ueeeenakkkk. there are also those who have after eating fainting, flying, flying and so on with an expansive richness that cannot be described in words. It’s all because eating the story is so delicious (to be honest, I just drool heavily when watching this series, the default want to try Japanese food).

14. Patlabor

Well, if this is an anime about a robot controlled by humans. The story, in the future, almost all activities, all work is carried out by robots. Humans are arguably the robot operators. Understanding the possibility that the robots could be misused for crime, a police unit that operated the robot was established, known as Patlabor (Patrol Labor Units). The most famous figure is a female police figure, ma Noa Izumi * Wow, at that time I was very proud of this anime because it featured women as smart policemen who were not inferior to other policemen * Before, I never missed watching TV for the sake of watching this series.

15. Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2, an absurd and weird anime. How not, Ranma’s figure can change, sometimes it becomes a man sometimes it becomes a woman. But this anime is one of my favorite anime. humorous, funny story. I myself often wait for the appearance of the cute Panda.

16. Wedding Peach

Like the title, wedding, so when I watch this anime, I am presented with women dressed as brides. Actually confused too, why should a wedding dress? isn’t it complicated? Investigate a calibaration turns out it symbolizes love, the power of love.
Not much different from magic girls, magic knight rayearth or sailor moon, Wedding Peach also offers almost the same thing. Women who have special powers * each power is adapted to their personalities * against evil, and seasoned with a little love story.
The main characters, Hanasaki Momoko (turned into a wedding peach), Tanima Yuri (angel lily), and Tamano Hinagiku (angel daisy). They live their daily lives as junior high students and also as defenders of the earth from crime. Interestingly, the crime here is love-themed, so there is Devila who wants to erase love from the face of this earth * cie elahh … ehm ehm .. so embarrassed if I remember watching this is still children * One more uniqueness is, when they want to fight their enemies, they have to change first to wear a wedding dress, then change again to wear battle-ready clothing * a little bit wasting time well … the villain hurried away *

17. Ninja Hattori

Ninja anime series that are full of meaning. Many lessons can be learned from this anime, especially for children. Most remember the same soundtrack … “climbing the vast ocean mountains …” he wanted to sing if he remembered Ninja Hattori. Until now, this anime is still watched by many children.
Ninja Hattori also has a live action version.

18. Zenki

Zenki is actually a devil * what is the right word to describe beast? * Honestly, at first I forgot the story a little until one day my sister brought a Zenki DVD, and we started watching it again. And reminded me of my childhood.
So the story goes, Zenki was an evil demon in the past who had been ‘locked up’ until finally, Chiaki was forced to free him to fight the evil that was starting to run rampant. This Chiaki will be the controller of Zenki’s power * almost similar to Inuyasha and aweful * Zenki herself does not always appear in the form of a ‘devil’, everyday Zenki appears in the form of a child who always bothers and teases Chiaki