5 Ideas for Your Next Summer Job

Summer break is a great time to gain job experience and save a little money. Here are some ideas of great jobs you can apply for next summer.

1. Internships

If you are studying business or marketing and want to get your foot in the door at a company in your field, applying for internships is a great way to go. Just be sure to check for openings well in advance of the summer and remember that not all internships are paid!

2. Retail

The retail industry is a popular choice for summer job searchers because they usually require little experience and are available almost anywhere. Got a favorite place to shop? See if they have any openings this summer.

3. Customer Service

Working at a call center, as a gas station service technician, or in other customer service roles can make for great summer jobs. You can learn something new while also gaining valuable people skills!

4. Outdoor Jobs

Summer is a great time to find an outdoor job. You could work in lawn care and maintenance or learn how to be a dog-walker. The added bonus of working outside is that you get to enjoy the warm summer months to the fullest! Just be sure to wear sun protection and to take seasonal temperature highs into account.

5.  Entry Level Positions

If you are interested in a certain field or want to apply what you have been learning at school, look for entry-level positions in those areas! Typically, these positions require little to no experience and are open to student applicants. Polish up your resume, write a stand-out cover letter, and you may land a great summer job!

Working over the summers can help you gain experience that will set you up well for the future. If you do not know what to look for, start with these five ideas.

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