Turn Your Garage Into a Beautiful and Functional Space

When you think about decorating your home, the garage rarely comes to mind. Unfortunately, the garage is one of the largest items seen on the front of many homes. If your garage is in disrepair, it can bring down the look of the entire house. A poorly cared for garage isn’t likely to be a space you will want to spend any time in either. By taking the time to repair, organize, and decorate this often-overlooked room, you can gain a space that is both beautiful and functional.

Do Repairs

Take the time to get a good look at your garage. Most garages are not in the best of shape. They get more abuse than the other rooms in the house which leaves them in pretty bad shape. Start with the garage door. Is it beet up or hanging off it’s tracks? The garage door repair Pflugerville homeowners have available, such as Austin’s Greater Garage Doors, can do any necessary repair work needed to return your door to it’s original beauty and function. Next, look for any holes in the walls and patch them with kits from your local home improvement center.

Organize the Space

The garage is notorious for becoming a huge catch-all. Every odd item or box of stuff eventually ends up stacked in the corners of the garage. This can take up a lot of space that could be utilized for more important functions. Remove everything from the garage. Create a pile of things to return to the garage, a pile to throw away, and a pile of items that need a new home. Before you put anything back in, install shelves and racks that will keep your things organized and easy to reach.


You wouldn’t dream of leaving the kitchen, bathroom, or a bedroom undecorated. Give your garage the same respect you would have for any other area of your home. Take the time to paint the walls. White is practical, but don’t rule out other fun colors. If there is a window, use curtains or shades for privacy as well as to make the
space look homey. Don’t forget the floor. There are many flooring options made specifically for garages.

Once you have taken the time it repair, organize, and decorate the garage, you will have a space you are proud of and want to spend time in. The garage can be a great work shop or storage space as well as an area to keep your car in, and when it looks amazing, the entire house looks better.

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