10 Horror Films of Indonesia Horrified in the Past

The world of Indonesian cinema is colored with a variety of genres from Drama, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Omnibus and Sub-Genres. From the horror genre itself, although it is dominated by unclear comedy horror films which are also added by titles that are difficult to digest by reason, on the one hand Indonesia also has quality horror films that can make the hair stand on end to make the audience paranoid, let alone films Indonesian horror films of the past which, as we know ourselves, have a very thick atmosphere of horror. So therefore, here I am posting my version of 10 Horror Films in the Old Age of the Oldest. Check this out gans:

1. Satan’s Devotion

Servant of Satan (International: Satan’s Slave) is a 1980 horror film from Indonesia directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra. This film was very famous in its time and even reached the international world, released in various formats such as VHS and then DVD in various countries such as the United States, Europe and Japan.

Tells the story of a rich family that is far from religion gets a disaster when the mother died. The mother left a father named Hendarto who only cared about business life, as well as a quiet son named Tomi and a daughter named Rita who was addicted to a party, together with them there was a maid named Pak Karto (HIM Damsyik) who was religious and sick. On the first night after her mother’s death, Tomi met her mother despite not talking. The next day, from the suggestion of his friend Tomi visited a fortune teller who said that his entire family was in danger of extreme danger and would kill them all. Then the fortune teller advised him to strengthen himself with black magic.

Since then Tomi has become strange and reserved because he has concentrated on studying black magic. Rita’s boyfriend, Herman, said that 40 days after the death of the person, the person was still around his house. A housekeeper was sent from an acquaintance of his father named Darminah. Rita began to find herself frightened by seeing a kuntilanak, while Herman said that Darminah was not a good person and would talk about it tomorrow when going to a shaman’s house. Then, Pak Karto, who began to frequently recur, kissed Darminah’s strange and suspicious behavior. Tomi, was advised by a man in a bookstore to start offering prayers. When he wanted to do it, a kuntilanak approached him and told him to stop it. The same night, Pak Karto who was standing guard was locked in a warehouse and in the morning found Tomi, his body was hung. In the afternoon, Herman, who had just left from somewhere, almost hit a woman and got hit by a truck. The woman who was almost hit was Darminah. Later that night, Toni and Rita chatted, agreeing that the ghosts in their homes must be removed.

2. Malam Satu Suro

Malam Satu Suro is a 1988 Indonesian horror film directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra and starringuzanna and Fendy Pradana. This film is known for its unique storyline because it does not present the perverted sundel ghost as an antagonist as generally in the cinema archipelago at the time, but as the main character / protagonist. This film is distributed by Soraya Intercine Films.

At the beginning of the film, in the middle of a forest, the ghost of a woman who haunts in the form of a sundel raised from her grave by Ki Rengga, a powerful Javanese shaman to be her adopted child. The Javanese shaman said: “Suketi, manuta nduk, kowé arep takdadikké my adopted son.” (“Suketi, according to son, you will be my adopted son”). He then stuck a sacred nail into the head of Suketi (Suzanna), the curious spirit, chanting an old Javanese spell and the perforated sundel became a human again. One day two young men from Jakarta were hunting rabbits in the forest. Bardo Ardiyanto (Fendi Pradana), the hunter, together with his friend Hari, almost killed his prey, but was prevented by a beautiful woman, he was curious about the woman and finally met with Suketi. Bardo and Suketi immediately fell in love and Bardo intended to propose Suketi. Initially his proposal was rejected by Ki Rengga, Suketo’s adoptive father, but was finally approved after Bardo’s sincere request and Suketi’s encouragement to his adoptive parents. Bardo followed Ki Rengga’s condition, that the marriage must be held on “Suro first night” (1st Sura, new year in Javanese calendar) in the middle of Alas Roban (“Roban Forest”) without anyone attending except the Javanese shaman and the bride and groom in an ancient Javanese mystical ritual scene accompanied by fairy dances.

A few years later Suketi and Bardo lived happily in Jakarta with their two children, Rio and Preti. Their family also became rich because it was said that if he married Sundel perforated then someone would become wealthy. One day Joni, a cunning businessman offered a business agreement in Bardo’s office, but was refused because of his dirty tactics. Joni holds a grudge and intends to bring down Bardo. Joni came to Mak Talo, another shaman, and learned that Bardo’s wife was Sundel Bolong. Mak Talo and Joni went to Bardo’s house and pulled the nail that was stuck in Suketi’s head, so that Suketi turned into Sundel Bolong again. That night Bardo, who was confused, met his father-in-law in Alas Roban and learned about the real background of Suketi. Suketi was a young woman who committed suicide after being raped and pregnant, her spirit did not rest peacefully and was transformed into a vengeful Sundel Bolong ghost. After taking revenge, he was then resurrected by Ki Rengga to become his adopted son.

3. Magic Baby

Diamond mining in a village is a source of fierce competition between Kosim (Muni Cader) and Dorman (WD Mochtar), who first learned about it. They have ambitions to win the position of headman who happens to be implemented. Dorman, who has Portuguese blood, believes that the spirit of Alberto Domenique, his ancestors buried in the area will help his ambition. Kosim, who felt that he had a lot of wealth, distributed his money to the people to get sympathy. Even though Sumi (Rina Hassim), his wife, is pregnant. In an examination of the village shaman (Wolly Sutinah), the content was declared to have anomalies. Sumi had also fallen in the grave of Alberto Domenique. So when the baby is born there is an oddity, has a magical power that is completely magical. Also other oddities. The birth of the miraculous baby directly or indirectly caused the failure of Kosim and Dorman, because then the one chosen as the lurah was Pak Saleh. While the prodigy could be healed by the village elder (Husin Lubis), because it was possessed by evil spirits.

4. Bloody Ring

The Bloody Ring is an Indonesian film released in 1973 directed by SA Karim. The film stars, among others, by Simon Simon and Muni Cader. Darsih doesn’t care about having children and husband. He is having an affair with his neighbor Kosim. Marni Kosim’s sister has a ring which turns out to be a disaster. First the baby Darsih died bitten by a mouse, then Marni accidentally caught Darsih together with Kosim. Afraid that her secret will be revealed, Marni is killed.

The ring was taken by the bathing corpse who wanted to keep a secret. Since then every owner of Marni’s ring has always been disastrous. The climax of Marni’s soul came to Darsih who asked Kosim to sleep at her house. Darsih died scared while Kosim died bitten by a cobra.

5. Spirit Whispers

Arwah’s whisper is a 1988 Indonesian film directed by Jopi Burnama and starring Nina Karina and Yoseph Hungan.

Seeing a strange snake, Iwan (Yoseph Hungan) really wants to have his skin. Not until it was captured, it is known that the snake was the incarnation of the spirit of Parta (Muhammad Yusuf) who was killed by residents for disturbing Eka (Putri Salbiah), a village girl who is indeed flirty. To get his revenge, the spirit of Parta used Iwan as his medium. Mysterious killings alarmed villagers. Through a cleric (Pitraja Burnama), it is known that an ugly Parta wants Eka, but because he is always insulted, he is imprisoned and gets the help of the Queen of Snakes on condition that he cannot marry. Parta succeeds in dating Eka and kills her. Mira (Nia Karina), Iwan’s wife, was anxious, wanting to expose this mystery.

When Mira’s father, Suparja (Rachmat Hidayat) was seriously ill healed by the shaman Mbah Rejo (Joes Terpase) who promised to find who the snake man who made uneasy just to overpower Mira. Iwan quickly came and thwarted Rejo’s efforts. Residents who were initially suspicious of Rejo, now turn to Suparja, because when the snake raged against all the inhabitants of the village Supardja was not at home. When the situation was critical, Mr Ajengan, a white-blood shaman, succeeded in defeating Parta and freeing Iwan from his chains. Parta was buried again well.

6. Bloodstained Painting

Two villains rob Diarsi’s house (Yurike Prastica). Her husband was killed. His maid, Yunan (Piet Pagau) was injured, but Diarsi managed to kill the two robbers and for some reason did not report the police and chose to bury his body quietly under the banyan tree in front of his house and bathroom. Agus (Dharma Harun), a high school teacher and his wife, Hanna (Tiara Jaquelina) bought an abandoned old house that the owner apparently abandoned from a broker. At night the banyan in front of the house was uprooted and looked human bones. The police are looking for a previous homeowner whose place of residence is unknown. Hanna fell in love with the painting of the woman who was damaged during the robbery, and repaired it. Hanna often dreams like seeing the events that happened at that house. Agus is also often disturbed by dreams but then disappears thanks to him praying according to the ulama’s instructions. Hanna who did not pray often possessed the spirit of Diarsi, who in Hanna’s dream was found killed by Yunan. It seems that Yunan and Diarsi then married. This Spirit Diarsi wants revenge. So once upon a time Hanna unconsciously killed Agus’s student. The wound on the student’s chest shocked Agus, because it was exactly like in his dream. The peak is Hanna will unwittingly kill Agus. Fortunately, Yunan, who had only been snooping around, came and intervened. He knew the spirit of Diarsi possessed Hannah. Draping the beads on Hanna’s neck, the spirit of Diarsi left. Yunan was persecuted. At the direction of the cleric who had rushed over, the painting was burned by Hanna. The spirit disappears.

7. Queen of Dark Arts

Ratu Ilmu Hitam is an 1981 Indonesian film directed by Imam Tantowi and starring Suzanna and Alan Nuari.

The film was nominated for the best actress (Suzanna), best supporting actor (W.D. Mochtar), best editor, best artistic director, and best cinematography in the 1982 Indonesian Film Festival.

The lively atmosphere of Baedah and Kohar’s wedding was suddenly chaotic. The bride is hysterically frightened, Reog is considered to have run amok. At the initiative of the elders, the dukun was called to overcome the chaos. Shamans say that what makes witchcraft exist in the west. This statement makes Kohar prejudiced against Murni, his ex-girlfriend. Together with other residents Murni’s house was burned, and Murni was thrown into a ravine. Pure rescued by the shaman Gendon, who actually became a source of trouble. Pure, who was spotted by Kohar, was persuaded to take revenge. The situation in the village was getting worse, until a young religious man arrived who had been looking for his younger brother. That young man is Murni’s big brother.

8. Revenge Friday Kliwon

A married couple (Arthur Tobing, Joice Erna) were killed by robbers who looted their homes. The husband and wife had become ghosts that bothered the robbers and their families. At first the robber’s father and father-in-law were killed. Then the robbers who are children and father-in-law of the father who was killed earlier. All events are always on Friday night Kliwon. With the help of Brata (Syamsuri Kaempuan), a clever man, his two students and the guidance of his teacher (BZ Kadaryono), this terror can be overcome.

9. Sundel Bolong

Sundel Bolong is a 1981 adult horror film from Indonesia directed by film maestro Sisworo Gautama Putra and played by Suzanna and Barry Prima. This film is the first film based on the myth / folk legend perforated and is considered a film that has popularized the myth. With the motto of the film “Beautiful … exciting … unforgiving!”, This film is distributed by Rapi Films.

This horror film is the first perforated sunday-themed film in the perforated sundel series directed by Sisworo Gautama Putra who was previously widely known for his expertise with his films Primitive (1978) and the Servant of Satan (1980) which are internationally famous.

Tells the story of Alisa (Suzanna) is a former sex worker under a “Mami” (pimp). His life completely changed after being married by Hendarto (Barry Prima). One day a boutique entrepreneur named Rudi invited Alisa to work in his boutique shop. Alisa was asked to display the clothes in Rudi’s boutique. Seeing Alisa’s beauty, Rudi was tempted, but Alisa refused gently. The incident made Rudi angry and devise evil intentions. Alisa was kidnapped by Rudi’s men and then taken to an old building and raped. With a broken feeling Alisa can return to her house. Every day Alisa contemplates her destiny. Bi Ijah also understood what was experienced by Alisa. Alisa ask for a doctor’s opinion regarding the actions that must be lived. Doctors give good and bad advice about doing an abortion. Alisa got word from her husband who was going home. Alisa was confused about the problem. Alisa felt guilty and because of despair, Alisa finally committed suicide in the bathroom.

Since then, Alisa’s soul is wandering in the form of a perverted sundel and wants to take revenge on those who have ruined her life. One by one Rudi’s men who ruined Alisa’s life met her death in a cruel but mysterious way. Their deaths are always accompanied after a meeting with a beautiful woman who claims to be named Shinta, a flirtation and ends in the death of the man. In addition to taking revenge, Alisa’s spirit also often disturbs the residents around her grave in a scary but funny way, including in a famous scene meeting the soto and sate with Sundel Bolong Alisa in the middle of the night.

10. Shaman Leeches

Hany (Susanna Caecilia) and Nurdin (Alex Kembar) have been dating for a long time, but are not approved by Hany’s father, Rustam (A.Hamid Arief). Rustam wants to match Hany with his business partner’s son, Hendra (Hendra Cipta), because Rustam has a number of debts to Hendra’s father, Hidayat (S.Bono). Hendra tried to approach Hany in various ways, including hypnosis, but Hany refused. With the blessing of his mother, Hany was officially married to Nurdin. Hendra is desperate to go to the Shaman Leech (AN Alcaf) to make Nurdin exposed to black magic and illness that cannot be treated by doctors. Nurdin was taken to the shaman Mak Ondong (Wolly Sutinah) and it became worse. Nurdin’s disease, like a mad dog’s illness, spread to Hany. In addition, the disease is characterized by leeches transmitted to the villagers. This situation angered residents, and when Hany’s parents came to visit they were going to be attacked by villagers. This catastrophe ended with the help of the prayer of the ulama Ibrahim (Husin Lubis), who knew who the maker of this black magic was. Hendra was killed, when he escaped. Nurdin and Hany recovered, while Rustam admitted his mistake forced Hany to marry Hendra.